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About Us

A Short Brief

The Way in Building and
Civil Construction

With 15+ years of excellence in the field of Architecture, Construction & Interiors, Grihaa builder’s holds the position of Best construction company in Coimbatore. Our head office at Palakkad, Monnaie Architects & Interiors, the parental company of Grihaa builders, has been in business for the past 15+ years. Our remarkable track record of 5000+ successful project executions done in several cities of South India, including Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Coimbatore, Salem, Chennai, Munnar and Bangalore .We undertake each project with extreme commitment because we behold the client’s satisfaction as supremacy. As a renowned Top,Home builders in Coimbatore ,Palakkad, Kerala &, Tamil Nadu we promise exceptional service in the realm of Architectural planning, Construction & Interior designing.We work on various categories of buildings, including independent houses, Villas, Resorts,Commercial complexes, Apartments, Office buildings, Hospitals, Clinics, Restaurants, Cafes Farm houses in and around South India and the majority of our work resides in Palakkad & Coimbatore.We acquired multiple awards in the category of Interior designing & Construction Company in coimbatore. We have already set the benchmark in the industry.

A Short Brief

Our mission

  • We aspire to be a global leader in construction, prioritising excellence and timely project completion to make us your preferred choice.
  • Our commitment is to provide unparalleled craftsmanship and service, leveraging innovation and advanced technology for optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our team, comprising diverse, innovative, and results-driven professionals.
  • Safety is paramount in our operations as we strive for zero accidents, and we actively identify and address environmental impacts to ensure compliance with relevant norms.
  • We create a strong knit with our clients to analyse their vision and unloop their concerns so as to build an environment they desire for.
  • We strongly believe in delivering the best quality output when it comes to planning,designing and construction, our years of experience and service has definitely mold us to produce best of the best.

Crafting Foundations, Building Dreams

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All construction services are under one roof. As the name suggests, we work on all the services
required for constructing a home, from land purchase to key handover, we engage in every
procedure that helps to build up your home. The client’s duty is only be to turn the key and step into their dream home.

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We support by providing a suitable solution for our clients. Our professional best architect and interior designer team with years of experience will help with your queries and will produce an appropriate design that fits your needs. Keeping in mind that every client’s and their needs are unique, we understand the client’s perspective.

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Our team comprises of skilled labourers who have been with us for the past 15 years and, with exceptional skill in local technical construction methods, we have renowned our name in this industry as the best construction firm in Coimbatore. Each stage of construction is overlooked and monitored by skilled site engineers & project managers.

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Knowing the budget and planning it accordingly while designing is important. Our design team can surely help in sorting out the budget without compromising on the amenities clients wish for.Estimation team of Grihaa builders will ensure the client gets a detailed estimation report with each material specification mentioned transparently.

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A specialized professional interior design team with a high-end system, and that is a combination of creativity & technology which gives a remarkable result. As the best interior designer in Coimbatore,we never settle for anything less when it comes to our designs and execution. With more than thousands of happy clients, we have already occupied the position.

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We craft the interior units that complement the theme of your residence. Being an esteemed presence as the best interior furnishing firm in Kerala & Coimbatore, we have delivered some of the best and unique works for our clients that goes well with their requirements and trend. Our own manufacturing unit ensures us to give appropriate warranty for each unit we deliver.

Leading The Way in Building and Civil Construction









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why choose us

We have a dedicated team

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As the prime residential home builder and construction firm in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, we promise client satisfaction in all the aspects including design, budget, project timeline. Throughout the process, we ensure the involvement of our client by keeping them updated on all the sections of our procedure. The transparency in our process makes us the number 1 client-oriented company.

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Another benefit of choosing us is that we, as a team of Best architects in coimbatore, chennai, palakkad, kochi who have specialized in different styles, will be able to manage what you put forward. Whatever the styles be, like traditional, ultra-modern, tropical, Victorian, contemporary, throw a name and you will have expertise in the selected style. Making the Grihaa builders the hub of architects with different perspectives.

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Our team consists of professional architects, interior designers, civil engineers, project managers, site supervisors, skilled civil laborers and craftsman with years of experience in their equivalent fields. Together we comprise of a strong team that’s proficient of delivering our client the best service. With impressive technical knowledge and capability, we never fail to impress our clients.

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We help our clients to preplan the budget even before starting the design. We develop a relationship with the client, because we consider the essence of the project lies with the client. Therefore, it’s necessary to connect with the client to understand their vision of their dream home. According to it we would be able to provide a budget that suits the client without compromising on the client’s needs.


What is the construction timeline for a 2500sq.ft residence in Coimbatore?

An approximate timeline a construction takes to mold into its final form is around 12- 14 months. But this can vary with respect to the style client opt for.

Why do I need to hire an Architect or Interior Designers in Coimbatore ?

Talking about developing a plan with respect to the site condition, soil condition, rainwater flow path, sun path, filtering and supporting client with their needs, only a best architect and interior designer can guide you keeping these many aspects in mind to craft a design.

As a person residing outside Coimbatore. How can I avail your service?

We are open to all sort of medium of communications let it be through messages, audio calls, video conferences, e-mails and also in person meetings. After the project confirmation, our team would be inspecting the site.

What is the project flow in Architectural package?

Listing down requirements > Site Analysis > Plan development > Approval > Exterior Design > Approval > Working drawing > Civil estimate.

What all are the types of projects you take on?

We deal with all sort of building projects like residential, commercial, public building, hospitals, clinics, office building and restaurants.